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We paint to customize furniture + architectural ornaments in our local Oakville Warehouse! Rather than the look achieved by painting with a brush, we use a professional grade spray booth for a smooth 'factory' finish!

Our Painting Philosophy

As an alternative to replacing, we encourage preserving the furniture you already have and/or a piece you are going to purchase that has the right bones {just not the right colour or finish} whether an antique heirloom or a piece with sound construction + distinct detail, we transform these pieces to fit your style through colour, painted solid or distressed, adding new hardware, a marble top, or two-toned - all to enhance, customize, and preserve

WL Distressing: Our Signature Finish! 

Often seen in our store are painted antique + vintage pieces that have a range of distressing. Light, Medium and Heavy distressing is crafted according to the piece, its attributes and future function. It is a final detail to highlight the woodworking of a piece, and give a naturally worn look - enhancing character and re-incorporating the authentic wood that lies beneath.

We also finish pieces in a solid colour, or high gloss for a modern take - special projects + requests always welcomed!

A distressed finish, also called 'antiquing' provides a look of aged character to a painted or stained surface.

Crafting the appearance of natural wear, we will often use a hand finishing process. Sanding the paint at intentional spots, grooves, edges, carvings, and sometimes scoring the wood finish - all to replicate the look organically achieved with a century in the weather!

These processes leave the surface of the piece with an antique look + feel where each piece is truly unique.

WL Process 

Customer drops item(s) of at WL Oakville Warehouse, or a pick-up + delivery services is available 

Upon arrival, WL will inspect the item(s) to assess condition and confirm the painting estimate stands (repair needed, condition + details not captured in photo)

Surface Prep
- item is sanded + cleaned by hand
- remove hardware/knobs when applicable

Importance of Surface Prep?
- removes any protective varnish or lacquer that is on the surface of the wood
- making it easier for the primer coat to adhere

Purpose of Primer?
- helps create a base for an even paint finish, and future chipping
​- helps block water, grease + stains that can bleed through your topcoat
- improves adhesion of the topcoat so your paint will last longer + look better!

Sanding After Primer
- Sand primed surface after it has dried with a fine-grit sandpaper
(this helps the paint bond to the primer even better than it
already does)

Drying: the paint drying process corresponds to the evaporation of all solvents and dilutents added to the paint in order to make it liquid or reduce its viscosity

Hardening: the hardening of paint corresponds to the process by which the main polymer of the paint it creates and hardens with all other pigments and additives which comprises the paint, creating a solid and adherent coating

Curing: the paint curing process corresponds both drying and hardening process, curing is the emagilation of drying + hardening

* 30 days is recommended to keep the surface clear of object during its curation

Paint Colour
- we stock a basic black + white, the colours can be seen on furniture in our store
- custom paint colour optional, to be provided by customer

- distressing/antiquing finish is available in light, medium or heavy
- high gloss
- matte
*semi-gloss is our default finish

- depending on the piece, mineral spirits may be used to remove dirt and grease/oil
- treatment for covering up stains and bleed through may be required in cases of staining items
- cleaning cloths, soft angled brushes for ornate details etc
- gloves, sanding blocks, painters tape, drop cloth, lint-free rags
- goggles, face mask, or a NIOSH approved respirator - this is in the case of prepping antique + some vintage furniture, for protection against potential toxic lead dust 

Before & After